Video Argument

April 7, 2011

Hey all- this is a short video I made in Windows Movie Maker to throw together some ideas I had- enjoy!

Careful what you post!



Zuckerberg on Privacy

February 3, 2011

Let’s hear it from the source, ladies and gentlemen. Facebook does not sell your information, nor does it allow applications or advertisers to sell your information. And what happens when they do?

Zuckerberg asserts, “we shut them down [if they do].”

If you’ve ever watch any interviews with the less than charasmatic CEO of Facebook, you know he’s not the most eloquent man on earth. He gets flustered and frustrated, and his personality at times is so dry that you wonder what’s wrong with him. I have always attributed it to his genius: while he can program and hack his way out of a paper sack, his interpersonal skills are not so honed. So it comes as no surprise to me, nor should it to anyone, that when Zuckerberg interviewed with Kara Swisher it became the notorious “sweatapalooza” mentioned in this video. My take: So Zuckerberg got “pwned.” Swisher had an agenda, and in this 60 Minutes interview, it is clear that Zuckerberg is capable of firmly stating his position on his site’s privacy reputation.

You always hear the terms “hidden motive” and “take your information to make money” in terms of Facebook and privacy. And maybe Facebook does make its money through the distribution of personal information. Facebook is, fundamentally, a social networking site. Social networking sites cannot exist without the free flow of personal information from one user to another. This seems logical.¬† But does it seem like the site is deliberately dispersing my personal information to whoever asks, just to make a buck?

According to Zuckerberg, the problem is third parties. I will explore this more later, especially more in depth, but let’s get one thing straight: I do not believe that Facebook is maliciously taking my information in order to increase its bottom line. I do believe, however, that certain parties that I can make privy to my information on Facebook are doing that exactly.

And though Zuckerberg states  firmly that the site shuts them down, can Facebook really get to them before they get to us?

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