Just Kidding!

So I know I said I was going to quit blogging for now, but I lied. I just can’t curb the enthusiasm. I also am no longer being graded on my posts, nor am I busy with other schoolwork.

This article is what brought me back, folks.

At a presentation in Australia, a security problem with Facebook photos was uncovered and shown for all to see: The vulnerability allows for any hacker with enough time to be able to hack into a Facebook account and have access to photos, regardless of “friend” status. This means that potentially, with enough time and a quick crash course on hacking, anyone could go into a person’s Facebook account, grab their photos, and publish them elsewhere.

The presenter demonstrated that even with the highest level of security enabled in the site, any user is vulnerable to these attacks. Which brings me to my biggest point- no matter how protected you think you are, you might not be. The Internet has always been a “best effort” project- from conception the Internet has never been perfect, and you can hardly call what oversees the Internet a “governing body.”

The point is that the loophole lies in the CDN’s that social networking sites like Facebook use, which operate outside of the private servers of Facebook. CDN stands for content delivery network. This works to help serve Facebook users more efficiently and quickly. But because the CDN operates outside of the Facebook servers system, the privacy settings I have taught you all about won’t apply to these networks and this content delivery, allowing for a competent hacker to get into a user account and take the photos.

So not to scare or be crazy paranoid- but always remember that you can be susceptible to attacks regardless of how good your privacy settings are. So NEVER post anything you think might potentially be a problem- never post pictures that could damage reputations, post comments that can be used against anyone, or anything that, aside from the heat of the moment, might come back and bite you later.


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