Facebook Through the Years

Click here to celebrate Facebook’s 7th Birthday!

This is a very interesting article that discusses how Facebook has evolved through the years from the very beginning. This year marks the 7 year anniversary of the social networking site.

Marching through the slides, you can see that not only the look of the site has changed, but also the features. And every year, a new feature was invented that made sharing even more important to the success of the network. Likewise, privacy has also evolved. As I’m looking towards a final project for this research blog, I’m noticing that the evolution of Facebook has affected very much the way its users view privacy. Take a look and see what you can find that you think made privacy a bigger deal along the way. I found it very interesting to see in a rolling slideshow those changes which affected the perception and necessity of privacy the most.

And as always, continue to be careful what you post!


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