Do Not Track

One thing that Facebook is very good at: OBA: Online behavioral advertising. This is what most current privacy conversations are about- the ability of web sites to track users’ behaviors in an effort to better aim advertisements at these users. Facebook is VERY good at this- sponsored stories are one way, and even just the advertisements Facebook puts on your page use OBA to better target certain users.

This video explains the new tools web browsers are developing using HTTPS and cookies to make OBA impossible when a user chooses to opt-out. This would make OBA an opt-out feature- unless the user selects to use the do not track tools, OBA will affect them.

The US Congress is looking to standardize web browsers with the Do-Not-Track idea, hoping to secure internet privacy for Americans through making OBA obsolete. So I’m going to ask you all another question, poll style:

Personally, I think that the Do Not Track option should be available to all web browsers, but I’m not sure if it should be mandatory. A lot of times my online experience is enhanced by these types of advertisements- but sometimes I do feel weird when I see an ad for an item I removed from my latest Forever 21 cart online. And then other times, I see deals and specials, as well as non-commercial advertisements, that lead me to a new site or provide me a huge benefit.


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