Japanese Earthquake and Worldwide Impact

If you direct your attention to the following link:

Awesome video showing map of statuses.

… you will see a great video that shows a time frame and the concentration of posts on Facebook with the keywords “Japan”, “earthquake,” and “tsunami” in the post. It shows where in the world the most posts regarding Japan’s recent catastrophe were logged, which is an interesting way to illustrate one of the previous discussions about privacy.

Nowhere on this page does Facebook say I did it, but that little blob in the middle of the United States includes a couple posts from me. Because Facebook has my location and can access my activity, I was a part of that dark circle over the middle of my country. Did Facebook do anything to directly violate my privacy? I don’t see it that way. But some might see what Facebook did here to show status updates as a floodgate for more, meaning more privacy issues.

For now, I see this as a simple example of how Facebook, like most other social networking sites requiring certain information to join, uses the information provided. Facebook could similarly take locations and ages, make a graph, and use it as a way to attract advertisers or show the possibilities for marketing in general in certain areas or among particular demographics.

Facebook didn’t make a video showing our names, our ages, our personal quotes, or anything else sensitive- but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t constitute a breach of privacy. But maybe, for the sake of this article or research in disaster relief efforts, breaches in privacy aren’t always malicious. Maybe they CAN do good?


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