This is real life.

So earlier I talked about how the revolts in Egypt were aided by the use of Facebook. And if you didn’t buy it then- ladies and gentlemen, I have witnessed, participated, and been a part of a similar phenomenon.

You see, George Clooney and Ryan Gosling are currently in Oxford, Ohio. Filming a movie. Twenty feet away from this very room in which I sit. It’s glorious and distracting all at the same time, but more importantly to my point- it’s totally blowing up my Facebook news feed.

Today I asked a girl (via her “OMG CLOONEY” status update) where she spotted Ryan and she responded in thirty seconds. The man probably can’t even run a hand through his gorgeous hair in the time it takes for her to respond, and he more than likely can’t get a decent cup of coffee in the short period of time it would have taken me to go from one building to the next to find him in the flesh.

So while George and Ryan don’t have four-square turned on (I looked to the far end of the social networking universe and couldn’t find either of them tweeting about Oxford), I still know where they are. Maybe they’re living what they think are private lives, but what are in fact quite the opposite according to Miami’s Facebook world.

So careful what  you post, again, because you just might start a riot. Or catch a glimpse of Hollywood royalty on your way to spinning…


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