Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

… But it keeps a social networking site like Facebook in our lives. How else does the company support the sheer magnitude of management that is required of the world’s largest social networking site? Buying the office space alone has become a task, as Facebook is expanding and moving into new physical locations all over the globe. Server space, hosting, salaries, all of it- it all costs money. So how does a free-to-join, free-to-use site like Facebook generate the green?

This is an interesting video describing the brief process of how Facebook makes money, using your information. Even just the simple information, like your gender and your age, are enough for Facebook to take and sell to other parties. Do I think this is a big deal? Not really. I don’t think it’s super important that a third party knows that I am one of countless 21-year-old females using the social networking site. But when these other parties compile all the information they can about me and track it back to my personal identity, that could be a problem.

So just an interesting insight on how the Facebook world turns. It’s honestly a simple business model, that most social networking sites or site in general deploy, but specific to Facebook and the additional information you can share, it packs a mightier punch.


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