Facebook and Politics

A very disturbing thought crossed my mind this morning: If Egyptians did have access to Facebook, many of them would have lacked the necessary means to actively join in on the revolution. While I don’t mean to contemplate on whether or not the revolution was politically correct or not, I do find it astounding to think about how important the social networking site was to coordinating the Egyptian protests. In my country, Americans are encouraged to use sites like Facebook or Twitter. I wouldn’t ever expect to see these sites shut down for any reason, especially if they are being used to aid free speech.

This article is a good read on how politics is becoming intertwined with social media.

So this is a different question to think on: in terms of government, is what you say on Facebook fair game?

And regardless of what you might think is fair game, the government will probably think anything posted on Facebook is fair game, much like anything you would write in a newspaper or what I’m writing on this blog. What we do online becomes a reflection of ourselves, and the government can take it that way.

So again, you are what you post. And not just to your friends or marketers, but also to higher agencies.


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