Sponsored Stories

Maybe lately you’ve been seeing a side bar addition to the usual advertisements Facebook has had in the past called “Sponsored Stories.” And maybe that’s your boyfriend who was somewhere grabbing coffee, or your best friend who just facebooked about buying a pair of sexy heels for this weekend on Zappos. Here’s what Facebook has to say about this new feature:

For instance, I just refreshed my home page to find that three of my friends on Facebook “like” the Special Olympics. Going out on a limb, maybe, to suggest that these three friends of mine didn’t expect Facebook to broadcast their click of the like button next to “Special Olympics” throughout their friend list on the site.

For businesses everywhere, this concept makes sense. In fact, it does better than just make sense. Recent surveys and advertisers have said that this past Sunday’s Superbowl advertisements actually made a bigger splash on social networking sites, mainly Facebook, than they did on the actual television broadcast. This is logical when you think about all the re-posting of YouTube versions of this year’s  funniest commercials on the site. Some research also showed that the social networking aspect allowed many users to not just re-post the commercials in a positive manner, but also in a negative manner. Groupon’s controversial commercials ranked as near the bottom of the list of notable commercials, not because they weren’t Facebooked, but because they were- a lot- and with negative remarks.

So I propose a new motto (within the context of your own personal privacy settings): You are what you post. You are what you like. You are what you do on your Facebook. If you “check-in” to a local hot spot and post about it in a positive manner, Facebook now has the capability to take that feed and process it as an advertisement dubbed a “Sponsored Story” on your friends pages.


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